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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Skin Is in

While most of my beauty hauls are for my professional kit, I make it a point to keep my personal kit stocked with my beauty essentials. I met with Denise at Saks Michigan Ave for replenishment on my skincare. Denise is a beauty advisor for Chanel and knows her stuff! She's extremely knowledgable and lots of fun to shop with. The girl hooks it up with tons of beauty treats and samples. Stop by and sit in her chair.
I've used La Mer for some time now and truly love the results it delivers for my skin. I was using the La Mer eye concentrate and liked it but wasn't in love. This time around I switched to Sisley eye gel and can immediately feel the difference around my eyes after only a few applications. The texture is amazing! 
I will say that the creme de La Mer will remain my staple moisturizer. I absolutely love the rich texture and how hydrated and glowy my skin looks and feels. I was overdue for a brightening serum and decided on the La Mer essence intense. I will have to give the serum a review in few weeks. 
This morning I woke up and gave my skin a little extra TLC after a long and fun weekend. 

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