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Saturday, April 26, 2014

AT&T 2 day commercial

I've been slacking on the blog but so damn happy that this makeup hustle keeps me running! I had a great time shooting with the AT&T flagship store on Michigan Ave. 
We started our shoot at Pizzaria Uno. Talk about the best day at work! Pizza and beer were flowing! Stephen, Carla and the rest of the crew were amazing to work with. The folks below are all AT&T reps. Super cool group!

We shot all over our amazing city! The views were breathtaking!
The coolest part was getting to the sky deck at the Sears Tower. True Chicago peeps will always  call it Sears Tower!
Back at the store to shoot some AT&T Headshots. Honestly it was such a good time, it didn't feel like work at all!
As a freelance makeup artist you must be ready to set up shop anywhere! 

Thanks to all who made this two day shoot a walk in the park! Love you guys!

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