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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking a break in NYC

I was long overdue for a break from the makeup and hair hustle. Booked a trip to my favorite city with my boo for some much needed fun! 
Time Square is a total circus but a must see. Always my first stop in NYC. 
It doesn't get any more romantic than a stroll in Central Park. On our way to the best pastrami samich at Carnegie Deli. 
Bar crawl, Peter Lugers steakhouse, ?uestlove &  clubbing in Brooklyn. 

My birthday dinner at Tao was incredible!

Lady liberty on our boat tour. 
Kicking it in Soho. Did some shopping and more exploring. 

Bryant Park. 
Washington Square.

Makeup shopping! 
We love you NYC. Thanks for taking great care of us! 

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